Isogenica Ltd, a leader in the design and construction of diverse, fully synthetic, antibody libraries for biopharmaceutical discovery, today announced that Dr Emma Sceats has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and will join Isogenica’s Board of Directors with immediate effect.


Before joining Isogenica, Dr Sceats, was CEO of CN Bio Innovations, which she grew from a Oxford University spin-out to a recognised leader in Organ-on-Chip technologies.  Dr Sceats was instrumental in the development and execution of CN Bio’s vision, resulting in strong revenue growth, rapid development of two innovative new products, and a pioneering partnership with the Food and Drug Administration to characterise the use of Organs-on-Chips in drug development and regulatory evaluation. 


Commenting on the announcement, Jan-Olof Lundin, Chairman of Isogenica, said: “Since reaffirming its commitment to biopharmaceutical discovery technologies with further investments in single-domain antibody libraries (llamdA™) and fully synthetic, highly diverse human Fab fragment antibody libraries (Alexandria), the company has signed multiple licence agreements providing pharmaceutical and biotech partners with next generation biopharmaceutical technology platforms. The Board and I are confident that Emma is the right person to build on this momentum, bringing her experience and fresh perspectives to reinforce and extend the company’s existing strengths.”


“I’ve been impressed by the company’s consistent record of delivering high-quality biotherapeutic candidates to its licensees, and the commitment to innovation such as novel, high-diversity antibody libraries and the development of an high-throughput in vitro display system.  I am honoured to accept this appointment and excited to join the Isogenica team to deliver the next phase of innovation and growth.” said Dr Sceats. 




Bio-Europe 2019, Vienna

Vienna, Austria | 25th March–27th 2019
Isogenica is excited to be attending Bio-Europe this year. 

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12th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress 2019

London, UK | 24th-25th April 2019

Isogenica will be speaking about VHH single domain antibodies generated from our LlamdA library.

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LlamdA VHH antibodies reported as a potential treatment of Wnt-hypersensitive tumours

Cambridge, UK 21st January 2019


Isogenica LlamdA VHH antibodies reported as a potential treatment.


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Isogenica expands collaboration with Aro Biotherapeutics

Cambridge, UK, 7th January 2019


Today, Isogenica have announced an expansion of the collaboration and license agreement signed with Aro Biotherapeutics


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