Associate Director of Alliance Management



Claudia joined Isogenica in January 2009 as Research Scientist, where she started to work on peptide selections against nerve growth factor (NGF). She was then part of the library team, helping to develop and implement the Colibra technology before she started to work on the commercial side, performing selections for an external client. Later on she was leading the team working on this collaboration.

In January 2019 she was promoted to Associate Director of Alliance Management where she is responsible for managing the customer relationships and looking after a team of scientists involved in external projects.

 Claudia’s academic career includes a joint post-doc at the LMB in Cambridge and the Max-Planck-Institute in Leipzig, Germany, where she worked on DNA polymerases and their application to ancient DNA and a PhD from Tuebingen university on whole genome sequencing of Proteobacteria. Claudia is the co-author of a number of papers and the co-inventor of a patent.