Director of Antibody Technology Development


Edward joined Isogenica in June 2016 as the Discovery Services Manager, where he oversees the work of his lab-based colleagues.

 He started his career in biopharmaceuticals at CAT/MedImmune, working largely on technology development and implementations. At Bicycle Therapeutics, as Head of Biology, he industrialised the selection of bicyclic peptides and discovered Bicycle’s lead compound, which entered clinical trials in 2018. He also discovered and helped to out-licence another peptide that is also expected to enter clinical trial this year.

 Edward’s academic career includes a post-doc at the LMB in Cambridge, where he solved the crystal structure of PI3K, a PhD from Cambridge on the biotransformation of morphine in an engineered strain of E. coli and a degree in biochemistry from the University of Bristol. Edward is the co-author of a number of papers and the inventor of a number of patents.