Antibody Platforms

Antibody Discovery 


Isogenica operates a panel of antibody discovery platforms providing state-of-the-art methodologies for identifying binding ligands for your targets of interest, whether they are soluble molecules, membrane proteins or presented on whole cells.


Our discovery platforms offer access to human antibodies via our Fab fragment and Xab™ (scFv) as well as single domain camelid antibodies using our llamdA™ system.
Libraries are displayed and panned in either Isogenica’s proprietary in vitro CIS display system or in phage.
Isogenica also offers flexible arrangements for the further characterisation and selection of hit ligands including:


  • IgG conversion
  • physico-chemico assessment
  • affinity testing
  • specificity testing
  • affinity maturation


Synthetic and semi-synthetic antibody library systems