Isogenica Synthetic LlamdA

LlamdA™ A highly efficient and effective single domain VHH antibody discovery platform incorporating intelligent design with the precision of the Colibra™ library construction system.

LlamdA™ is a state-of-the-art, highly diverse, synthetic VHH library which, when combined with the power of CIS display, interrogates more than 1012 library members. Equivalent to the circulating repertoire of one million llamas. Designed in collaboration with leading experts in computational immunology, the llamdA™ (llama domain antibody) System library offers optimal expression of maximised functional diversity.

Advantages of the llamdA™ System

  • Useful for highly flexible non-mAb type monovalent, multivalent and multi-specific antibody-like formats and conjugates or fusion proteins based on those
  • Enables full flexibility on half life and tissue penetration modulation or alternative administration methods
  • Camelid hallmark residues present to avoid known issues with solubility and stability of fully human single domain antibodies
  • Purely in vitro, no need for immunisation
  • Automatable selection through cell-free CIS display
LlamdA Infographic