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Cambridge, UK, 3rd September 2018


Isogenica CEO will join Isogenica’s Board of Directors with immediate effect.



Why single domain antibody fragments are the best biologic alternative to therapeutic IgGs

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Cambridge, UK | 23rd July 2018.


Isogenica licenses CIS Display Technology to Aro Biotherapeutics for Centyrin-based biopharmaceutical development

Cambridge, UK | 18th April 2018


Fusion Pharmaceuticals Licenses Isogenica’s CIS Display Technology... 

Cambridge, UK | 1st August 2017.


Isogenica Announces New License Agreement with Takeda... 

Cambridge, UK | 23rd May 2017.


Isogenica Announces Renewal of Licence Agreement By Harpoon Therapeutics... 

Cambridge, UK | 3rd May 2017.

Isogenica introduces next-generation, fully synthetic human Fab antibody fragment library... 

Cambridge, UK | 21st February 2017.


Isogenica announces new licence agreement with Top-25 Global Pharmaceutical Company... 

Cambridge, UK | 6th February 2017.


Isogenica announces new licence agreement with Maverick Therapeutics... 

Cambridge, UK | 26th January 2017.


Colibra™ Patent 'Randomised Peptide Libraries' Now Granted in Canada... 

Cambridge, UK | 4th November 2016.


Isogenica’s llamdA™ VHH library is now also available in phage display format...

Cambridge, UK | 1st November 2016.


Isogenica has recently signed with two separate biotech companies to use its proprietary CIS display platform...

Cambridge, UK | 4th November 2016.


Isogenica is attending three high-profile scientific conferences this autumn...

Cambridge, UK | 24th October 2016.


Isogenica has completed a further round of funding from its current investors...

Cambridge, UK | 13th August 2016.


Isogenica has successfully completed a discovery program with Molecular Templates...


Cambridge, UK | 16th March 2016.


Isogenica and Molecular Templates of Georgetown, TX, have initiated a research program whereby Isogenica will use its...

Cambridge, UK | 1st January 2016.


Isogenica is delighted to announce the strengthening of its management team with the appointment of Dr Guy Hermans as Chief Scientific Officer.

Cambridge, UK | 27th August 2015.


Isogenica and Research Corporation Technologies (RCT) publish paper exemplifying RCT’s proprietary Abdurin therapeutic scaffold...

Cambridge, UK | 14th July 2015

Today, Isogenica, Cambridge UK and Imperial College London secure funding from the...

Cambridge, UK | 21 May 2015


Isogenica strengthens its management team with the appointment of new Director of Commercial Development.

Lisbon Portugal | 1st April 2013

Isogenica announce their sponsorship of PEGS 2015, one of the largest protein engineering events...

London, UK | 8th February 2013

An Aston University biologist has won the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council’s (BBSRC) Commercial Innovator of the Year Award in recognition of her molecular biology research and its relevance and application in industry.

San Francisco CA | 10th January 2013

Today 10th January 2013, Isogenica, Cambridge UK and  Distributed Bio, San Francisco CA enter into a licence agreement to make next generation antibody libraries available to the life science industry.

Birmingham, UK | 29th November  2012


Isogenica, Cambridge UK and Aston University, Birmingham UK secure funding from the Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, for a £0.5M project to develop a gene library assembly technology exclusively licensed to Isogenica.

TUCSON, ARIZ.| July 11, 2012


Research Corporation Technologies, Inc. (RCT), of Tucson, has partnered with Isogenica, of Cambridge, U.K., to access Isogenica’s CIS display platform for the screening of proprietary libraries of a new antigen-binding protein scaffold.

Cambridge, UK | 6th June 2012


Isogenica and Biolauncher, Cambridge UK together with Cresset Group, Welwyn Garden City UK announce funding from the Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, for a £1M project to develop a highly-scalable approach to small molecule drug discovery.

Cambridge, UK 22 May 2012


Isogenica today announces that it is appointing CTC Laboratory Systems Corporation (CTCLS) of Tokyo, Japan to represent the business in Japan.

Cambridge, UK | 8th April 2012

Isogenica Ltd today announced that it had been successful in securing a Framework 7 grant for €700,000 over the next three years, part of a €5.55 million project with consortium grant funding of €3.99 million.

Cambridge, UK | 2nd November 2011

Göran Forsberg, Chief Business Officer at Active Biotech joins Isogenica as non-executive Director

Cambridge, UK | 11th July 2011

Isogenica Ltd today announced the opening of a new automation facility at their current location, Chesterford Research Park.

Cambridge, UK | June 28th 2011


Isogenica Ltd today announced a collaborative joint venture with Biolauncher Ltd (Cambridge, UK) and Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd (Welwyn Garden City, UK) to develop an innovative end-to-end therapeutic discovery platform.

Cambridge, UK | 22nd March 2011


Isogenica Ltd today announced that it has executed a services agreement with Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.L.C. (“J&JPRD”).

Cambridge, UK | 25th Feb 2011


Isogenica successfully hit milestones in relation to collaboration announced in 2010