Cambridge, UK | 22nd February 2018


Guy Hermans, Isogenica’s CSO, has been invited to speak at the Mastering Immunity Europe conference, taking place on 

Thursday 22 and Friday 23 March 2018, Wolfson College, Oxford, UK. 


Topic of Guy's talk will be about  llamdA, Isogenica’s massively diverse fully synthetic camelid domain antibody library and Alexandria™, a recently launched synthetic human Fab antibody fragment library. In contrast to immune or even naïve animal derived libraries, the encoded antibody repertoire is not biased by self-tolerance and are therefore more likely to yield high affinity antibodies to well conserved targets or epitopes. Variable region diversity is designed to mimic natural antibody repertoires CDR length and amino acid composition, thereby maximizing the chance of functional folding. Despite this similarly to immune repertoire derived sequences, CMC liability motifs have been eliminated from these antibodies at the library level, therefore avoiding the isolation of lead molecules carrying problematic posttranslational motifs.


Mastering Immunity Europe is a forum for key people involved in wanting to characterize immune modulation following delivery of biologics and other therapies to come together to share knowledge, perspectives and discuss solutions to the complex challenges of immunity in this context.