Cambridge, UK | 18th April 2018


Fusion Pharmaceuticals Licenses Isogenica’s CIS Display Technology

Technology will be used to progress Fusion’s pipeline of alpha therapeutics for the treatment of cancers


Isogenica Ltd and Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc (Fusion) today announced a new licensing agreement that will leverage each other’s strengths in recombinant protein technologies and radiopharmaceutical development. Isogenica is a leader in the design and construction of highly diverse synthetic antibody libraries and the use of novel in vitro polypeptide display systems. Fusion is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel targeted alpha therapeutics, or radiopharmaceuticals, for the treatment of cancers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Isogenica has granted a licence to Fusion to utilise its proprietary in vitro CIS Display technology, for the discovery, development and commercialisation of therapeutic products derived from polypeptide libraries generated using this technology. Fusion will use the Isogenica technology to advance its internally developed drug pipeline. Under the terms of the agreement, Isogenica will receive an upfront fee and annual licence payments. If therapeutic products are advanced into development, Isogenica is entitled to additional milestone payments.


Adam Collier, Isogenica’s Director of Commercial Development commented:This is another very significant deal for Isogenica, which highlights the robustness and utility of the company’s CIS Display technology as an excellent starting point for the rapid and efficient discovery of novel biotherapeutics. We look forward to working closely with Fusion to help their exciting drug discovery strategy to progress.


We are looking forward to the partnership with Isogenica,” said Eric Burak, Fusion’s CSO. “As part of our long-term strategy, Fusion is committed to both identifying our own agents and in-licensing assets that can be transformed into targeted alpha therapeutics. This partnership with Isogenica will help us to advance our internally developed pipeline of drugs while we progress our lead product, FPX-01, into the clinic later this year.”