Cambridge, UK | 16th March 2016.


Isogenica and Molecular Templates of Georgetown, TX, have initiated a research program whereby Isogenica will use its proprietary discovery platform to identify camelid single domain antibodies (VHHs) against two targets selected by Molecular Templates. The agreement gives Molecular Templates the option to further develop and commercialize antibodies generated from the collaboration, using its proprietary technologies. Isogenica will receive upfront payments and is eligible for clinical development milestones and royalties on product sales.

Isogenica’s fully synthetic camelid single domain antibody libraries were designed using the latest research in computational immunology, and subsequently built using Isogenica’s highly accurate COLIBRA library build system. Synthetic antibody libraries can provide far larger antibody libraries with far greater diversity than can be achieved through a natural repertoire approach as they are truly naïve and devoid of inherent biases. Use of Isogenica’s proprietary and rapid in vitro CIS Display system maintains the library size and diversity during panning and amplification. Together these technologies increase the likelihood of finding a novel antibody with the properties that the partner requires.