Cambridge, UK | 26th January 2017.


Aston University, UK, today informed Isogenica Ltd that the patent entitled, ‘Randomised Peptide Libraries’, has now been granted in Canada.


Isogenica, a leader in the design and construction of innovative and highly diverse synthetic antibody libraries, exclusively licensed this family of patents from Aston University in 2010 and has successfully used the technology in its Colibra™ platform to generate large peptide and antibody libraries that very accurately reflect the original library design.


Isogenica is a synthetic biology company focusing on the design and build of diverse antibody libraries for use in biopharmaceuticals. Partners can access an advanced camelid single-domain antibody library (llamdA ™) and will soon be able to access a state-of-the-art, fully synthetic and highly diverse human Fab library.  The company uses its proprietary Colibra™ library technology to ensure that the constructs very accurately reflect its advanced library designs. Libraries can be screened in various formats, including phage and CIS-Display, a proprietary in vitro display technology which maintains the high diversity of the llamdA™ libraries through the discovery process.


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