Working in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as the fastest, most efficient engine for therapeutic antibody discovery.

Isogenica is developing LlamdA™ (single domain VHH) and Alexandria™ (human Fab) therapeutic antibodies based on our proprietary fully synthetic antibody libraries and leveraging our CIS Display and Colibra™ technologies to accelerate the discovery and development process.


LlamdA™ antibodies can modulate targets that have traditionally proved difficult to address using traditional mAb formats.


Isogenica have capabilities to develop:

  • Symmetric/asymmetric multi-valent LlamdA™ VHH against multispanning membrane proteins
  • Ion channel LlamdA™ VHH agonists
  • LlamdA™ VHH enzyme inhibitors


We have ongoing long-term partnerships with private and listed pharmaceutical and biotech companies involving Isogenica’s discovery platforms.


Maverick Therapeutics TEM Harpoon Therapeutics Takeda

Isogenica’s antibody discovery programmes are run under strategic collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech partners.

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