Simon Cooper

Senior Scientist II – Antibody Technologies, 7 years at Isogenica

What does work for you typically entail?
“I work on the designing and building of our custom-made libraries used for both internal and external projects. For VHHs this includes both the llama variant and human variants. We have been developing a new library which is synthetic and is less immunogenic but also much more diverse. I do a lot of bioinformatics and coding to support the work, and also enjoy coming back to the lab and being hands-on with assembling the libraries and testing their expression. Other work includes carrying out quality control on library diversity and other specific characteristics — ultimately generating a library that is massively diverse but also highly functional.” 

What is one way that you contribute to Isogenica as a whole?
“We in the Antibody Technologies Team are the head of the pipeline, generating libraries used both internally and externally to generate lead clones. We look forward to putting the latest library created through its paces, which will be very useful for external partners and for our internal projects. Other contributions include project planning and strategy, as well as amongst other things supporting internal teams by building scaffolds for other projects for example.”

What do you enjoy most about your job at Isogenica?
“I greatly enjoy the variety. The nature of the work we provide in Antibody Technologies has meant that I focus on multiple aspects with different teams both internally and externally – generating specific antibody fragments for the internal Discovery Team for example, or focusing on R&D project strategy, or designing and QC of libraries for partners in the Alliances Team. I like that we have been able to form such cohesive, collaborative and supportive relationships. Overall, I very much enjoy the breadth of experience and the fact that so many opportunities for training and learning exist.”

Why did you join Isogenica?
“After an industry placement during my undergraduate years I decided that I wanted to work within the biotech/biopharmaceutical industry sector and the generation of novel medicines. Incredible cutting-edge research is always taking place in the Cambridge area. With Isogenica in particular, I was very interested in the generation of synthetic antibody libraries coupled with the use of phage- or CIS-display technologies to explore the whole breadth of diversity in highly functional libraries.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?
“In my spare time I enjoy sports and the great outdoors.”

What is your favourite book?
“Too many choices! Something between ‘Our Mutual Friend’ and ‘The Once and Future King’ perhaps.”

Interested in joining the Isogencia team?

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