Sophie Watcham

Research Scientist – Antibody Discovery, 1.5 years at Isogenica

What does work for you typically entail?
“My work varies a lot, it can often involve phage display to find binders, which can then go into ELISA work to determine EC50’s and affinity. I then clone from phage into internal vectors. I perform range of assays to biophysically and functionally analyse our lead clones using techniques like SEC, AKTA, HPLC, and stability tests. I also do a lot of assay development of specific techniques, such as competition assays.”

What is one way that you contribute to Isogenica as a whole?
“I think the automation work I do is my major contribution to Isogenica as a whole. I am the super-user for most of our automation equipment. I am currently working on developing our in-house automation and new automated assays to be able to up-scale our work. This will help our scientists to be less hands-on and give people the time to do other things, increasing productivity.”

What do you enjoy most about your job at Isogenica?
“Everyone here is really friendly, and I really enjoy working with such a close-knit team. I also really like the variety of the work and getting involved with things I’ve not had experience with previously. I enjoy being able to run with a project from start to finish – Getting to see a project from development research to PK, seeing more of what the final product will start to look like.”

Why did you join Isogenica?
“I like that Isogenica gave me the opportunity to get exposure to different areas of the work. Isogenica has given me the chance to challenge myself, learn new things, and get variety in my day to day – Which I really enjoy.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?
“I am a massive gym lover, including lifting heavy weights! I run and do yoga as well. I love to cook and read. I am also hoping to learn to ski this year.”

What is your favourite book?
“That is really tough, two of my favourite books are Little Women and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.”

Interested in joining the Isogencia team?

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