Single Domain Biotherapeutics

Single Domain Biotherapeutics

After a temporary closure, the Isogenica labs have reopened. With the new challenges COVID-19 presents, the Isogenica team have been working hard to ensure we can be both safe and productive on our return to lab, or as we continue to work at home. We know that like us, many of our partners are looking to the future to ensure that their business can grow and succeed. If your ADC, cell therapy, CAR-T or bispecifics programmes have been delayed by COVID-19 and you’d like to learn more about how partnering with Isogenica could enable you to meet your goals, our team are available for business and scientific meetings via email, video conference or telephone.

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Excellence in Single Domain Biotherapeutics

Isogenica develops LlamdA® VHH: highly versatile small format antibodies which we use to construct next generation biotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer, inflammation and other serious diseases.

LlamdA® VHH can be assembled to create bispecific and multi-specific biotherapeutics, or used to achieve targeted drug delivery as components of ADCs and cell and gene therapies including CAR-Ts.

Isogenica’s partnerships with global biopharmaceutical companies have resulted in a deep pipeline including one clinical Phase II asset and eleven partnered pre-clinical and discovery programs.

Isogenica works with partners through collaborative research and commercial licenses to further develop proprietary LlamdA® VHH or to discover novel LlamdA® VHH as direct therapeutics and targeting agents.


Isogenica Biopharmaceutical Partnerships

Accelerated Discovery

Isogenica’s LlamdA® VHH synthetic libraries are displayed in phage or in the company’s proprietary CIS Display technology.

These are combined to provide a powerful discovery engine for single domain biotherapeutics.

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A career at Isogenica provides an opportunity to lead, execute or support the commercial development of next generation biotherapeutics.