About Us


Isogenica is at the forefront of synthetic biology, pursuing a mission to provide the fastest, most efficient engine for therapeutic antibody discovery.


Isogenica is developing LlamdA™ (single domain VHH) and Alexandria™ (human Fab) therapeutic antibodies based on our proprietary fully synthetic antibody libraries and leveraging our CIS Display and Colibra™ technologies to accelerate the discovery and development process.


Key to our speed and success is a focus on synthetic antibodies.


Our immunologically naïve synthetic libraries offer the possibility to discover therapeutic antibodies against a greater range of target epitopes, overcoming the dominant epitope bias of natural repertoires.


Isogenica’s experienced team are skilled in reformatting single domain VH and Fab library hits to a wide range of formats including multi-specifics and fusion proteins to optimise affinity and develop novel modes of action.


Working with our partners to develop life-changing new medicines for patients gives special motivation to the work we do.


During the past 4 years Isogenica has entered into 7 partnerships, leveraging our proprietary synthetic antibody libraries, technologies and expertise to build a broad pipeline of programs that are now advancing into pre-clinical and early clinical development with our partners.


Working with pharmaceutical industry partners, we are driven by the ultimate goal of helping patients though more affordable medicines and faster access to potentially life changing treatments.