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Optimizing CAR-T and T-cell antibody engagers: a role for VHH single domain antibodies

Learnings from the safety and efficacy of current T-cell antibody engagers and CAR-T in clinical use and development have provided a foundation to create enhanced next-generation treatments. Significant possibilities exist to optimise both BiTEs and CAR-T through the incorporation of humanised camelid-derivedsingle domain antibodiesVHH represent an attractive construct for incorporation in CAR-T and T-cell engaging therapeutic format with carefully designed affinities, valencies and specificities enabling refined tumour cell targeting and modes of action.

This webinar summarises the clinical and research landscape for CAR-T and T-cell engaging antibody therapies and show how single domain VHH antibodies can be applied to optimise the next generation of these important new therapeutic modalities.  

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