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Isogenica-PipeBio Collaboration Press Release

Isogenica announce deployment of the PipeBio Bioinformatic Cloud        Isogenica today announce that they are deploying PipeBio’s bioinformatic cloud to accelerate their drug...

Dr Bill Eldridge promoted to CSO

Isogenica announced today that Dr William (Bill) Eldridge has been promoted to Chief Scientific Officer. Since joining Isogenica as Senior Director of Antibody Alliances in January 2020, Dr Eldridge...


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Join Isogenica at Discovery on Target

Isogenica is excited to announce its attendance at Discovery on Target 2021 September 27-30thIsogenica's Associate Director of Antibody Alliances, Marion Cubitt, will be attending Discovery on...

Isogenica is attending BIO Digital 2021

Isogenica is excited to announce its attendance at BIO Digital 2021.Isogenica's Director of Business Development Dr David Mead, and Associate Director of Marketing, Dr Mandeep Sehmi will be...

Isogenica Pre-doc Program

Isogenica is excited to announce the opening of a new Pre-doctoral program: a 1-year research program designed to provide meaningful, practical industry experience in preparation for a high-level...


Webinars are a great source for the latest activities at Isogenica. Hear all about the newest applications of VHH.

Nature Webinar

Register for Isogenica's upcoming webinar Join Isogenica for the upcoming webinar with Nature on 'VHH as building blocks for immune and tumour cell-targeting', presented by Isogenica's CSO Bill...


Due to their unique characteristics, VHH are promising candidates for a range of application areas including intracellular targeting and even across the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Discover all the benefits in using VHH in different applications.

VHH antibodies as biotherapeutics

Camelid heavy-chain only antibodies were discovered in the early 1990’s. Often referred to as VHH antibodies, they are a well characterized alternative to therapeutic IgG’s. Camelid heavy-chain only...

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